08 March 2009

Lecture: The Prince-as-Satire

Ian Johnston, a research associate (and retired instructor) at Vancouver Island University (located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada), gave a lecture about Machiavelli in 2002 that presents the The Prince-as-satire argument. Although I very much disagree with his conclusions, he has been kind enough to transcribe and post his argument for public consumption, and so I am happy to present it for your consideration.

Mr. Johnston's website also hosts links to a large number of classic texts, as well as study materials.

(Finally, for those who would like to know where Nanaimo is, behold.)

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Unknown said...

I also disagree with Johnston, in part because he dismisses context. but also because he seems to base his arguments on a single translation (Skinner). Machiavelli's original words are too easily framed in a particular emotional perspective based on the translator's preconceptions.
I am working on a counterpoint for my own blog at www.ianchadwick.com/machiavelli